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Afriqiyah Airways has a pride of offering flights to the major destinations in Africa, The splendid services record encourages the clients to travel with us again and again.Afriqiyah Airways have schedulized the daily flights from London Gatwick Airport to All major Destinations in Africa. Afriqiyah Airways provides the most economical Price range for your travel to Africa. Afriqiyah Airways have the elite services/ Facilities for business and first class travellers.

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Since world has become a global village importance of cheap flights is growing more and more. Few years back airlines were offering Economy, Business and First class only and air fares were known to every-one. Today to provide cheap flights airlines have divided these three classes into 20 to 30 sub-classes to offer cheap flight fares. Now the importance of travel consultants has grown far more then yester years to get cheap flights. Secondly earlier taxes were negligible whereas now a days an airline may offer an air fare of 10 pounds whereas the taxes might be in hundreds of pounds. So short to say the cheapest flights are not the ones which are advertised on air fares but the cheapest flights are those which have minimum of taxes  and enough available seats. Afriqiyah Airways although not an old airline like many others but is offering best fares for almost all African destinations specially in central, western and and southern parts of African Continent. They are offering cheap flights to Johannesburg, Abidjan , Dakar, Ouadougoua, Douala, Kinshasa , Lome , Cotonou , Conakry , Lagos , Accra and many more destinations in Africa. Their cheap flights are a specialty and their newest fleet is a luxury. Their hospitality and cabin service is their pride and baggage
policy is a great advantage that they are enchasing.

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